Royston Gallery
Royston is a turquoise mine located within the Royston District in the southwestern part of Nevada. The Royston District consists of several mines
including Royston, Royal Blue, Oscar Wehrend and Bunker Hill. The mines in this district were discovered as early as 1902; in fact, Royston is the
oldest patented mine in Nevada. While Royston is considered an active mine, it is a very small operation. The miners go to the mine only twice per
year. Royston was originally a tunnel mine, but is now an open pit mine. Royston is a good producer of high quality stones. According to one of
the current miners, Royston turquoise is known as “grass roots” which means the best deposits are found within ten feet of the surface. Royston
turquoise is known for its beautiful deep green to rich light blue colors. These unique color ranges are what make this stone so special. Royston
stones are often two-tone, displaying both dark and light green and sometimes blue. Royston has a heavy matrix ranging from dark brown to gold
in color. This matrix makes for beautiful combinations with the color variations of the stone. Royston turquoise is considered very collectible as
well as a historically important investment.

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144 Natural 7ct  Green Web Royston $6/ct., 24x12x6mm
145 Natural 8ct  Green Web Royston $6/ct., 14x17x5mm
146 Natural 10ct  Green Web Royston $6/ct., 17x15x6mm
147 Natural 30ct  High Grade Royston $7/ct., 31x25x6mm
148 Natural 23ct  High Grade Royston $6/ct., 25x19x8mm
149 Natural 32ct  High Grade Royston $6/ct., 31x26x6mm
152 Natural 10ct  Bi-color Royston $1.50/ct., 26x14x4mm
153 Natural 25ct  High Grade Royston $2/ct., 28x13x9mm
155 Natural 9ct  Green Web Royston $3/ct., 18x11x6mm
156 Natural 15ct  Bi-color Royston $2/ct., 20x15x5mm
157 Natural 17ct  High Grade Royston $3/ct., 25x17x6mm
158 Natural 18ct  High Grade Royston $3/ct., 19x15x7mm
160 Natural 17ct  High Grade Ribbon Royston $2.50/ct., 18x14x6mm
161 Natural 26ct  High Grade Ribbon Royston $2/ct., 24x20x7mm